Research - Efficacy Evaluation

Cell Culture Test

Fibroblasts are the main cellular components in the dermis of the skin. The collagen fibers, elastic fibers and matrix components secreted by fibroblasts form the main body of the dermis together with fibroblasts. During aging, the skin tissue especially the dermis and subcutaneous tissue will shrink, the number of fibroblasts in the dermis decreases, the skin's ability to synthesize collagen decreases, and the MMPs that decomposes collagen increases, eventually leading to skin aging and wrinkles. The senescence of fibroblasts is the basic cause of skin aging and plays an important role in the process of skin aging. This test evaluates the potential anti-aging efficacy of a sample by measuring the effect of the sample on fibroblast proliferation.

Normally, the color of human skin depends mainly on the content and distribution of melanin. During the formation of melanin, tyrosinase is the main rate-determine enzyme. The activity of enzyme determines the amount of melanin synthesis. This test evaluated the whitening efficacy by examining the effect of the samples to synthesis melanin in human melanocyte (B16 cell) and inhibition of tyrosinase activity.

Transdermal permeation test

The presence of natural nutrients in our bio-fermentation serum proves that it will lead to have a positive impact on skin cells. However, are these nutrients can permeate into skin depth to the deep layer where the cells are located? These key factors will determine whether the skin can be improved totally from inside out or not. The substances are very nutritious, but if they cannot reach the place where the cell stays, it will be impossible to affect cell proliferation and protein synthesis, making it difficult to produce a comprehensive positive improvement on the skin. For example, the powerful moisturizing agents can't solve the wrinkle problem at all, because wrinkles are the natural phenomenon caused by the loss and breakage of collagen fibers deep in the skin. If nutrients do not reach the deeper layers of the skin, it is impossible to smooth the fine lines from the underlying newborn support.

Medical injection or laser surgery can bring short-term relief. But after all, it is a foreign object, it has the purity concern, the sourcing of material, the allergic risk, the operators are professional/experienced or not. But also it is inevitable degradation within the body and deeply irritating risks. Even surgical risks (Such as large number of cases from plastic surgery failure, and facial deformities caused by filler misalignment after a period of time). Therefore, if you want to continue to improve wrinkles, you should consider applying products with high nutrition, good permeation ability with low irritation. As a result, the product can activate and self-generate more cells, and finally achieve the purpose of gradually reducing the fine lines.

In-vitro Test

BioTruly applies a variety of in-vitro experiments to check the mechanism of the products, which helps us to develop formulas with different mechanism substances to enhance the performance and reduce the possible stability problem at the same time. The difference between BioTruly and other manufacturers is that we can screen the best performance, safety, and cost performance products which suitable to our customers’ and consumers’ needs.

Active oxygen free radicals in living organisms are products of active oxygen metabolism, including superoxide anion radicals, hydroxyl radicals (·OH), and similar ones. Excessive free radicals induce cell oxidation and can damage the tissues and cells membrane to lead aging. In this experiment, we determined the ability of samples to scavenge oxygen free radicals by DPPH method, salicylic acid method, and pyrogallol method.

SDS is a positive irritation agent to the skin and it can cause damage to the cell membrane of red blood cells to lead hemolysis. Under a certain concentration of SDS, the hemolysis rate of red blood cells was 68.47%. When we added different concentrations of Cactus fermented serum, the hemolysis rate of red blood cells was reduced to 22-28%, indicating that the Cactus fermented serum can protect cell membrane and slow down the SDS damage on cell membrane. At the same time, with the increase of the concentration of the Cactus fermented serum, its positive protection on red blood cells is continuously enhanced.

Type I hypersensitivity is also called immediate allergic reaction. When the allergen invades the body, the body produces antibody IgE. When the allergen invades the body again, it binds to the IgE antibody on the surface of the sensitized cell, and FceRI cross-linking occurs. Thereby activation signals are activated, signal transduction is initiated, and various enzymes including intracellular hyaluronidase are activated. Hyaluronic acid is a component of the tissue matrix that restricts the diffusion of water to other extracellular substances. After hydrolysis by hyaluronidase, the cells become non-tacky, and the new medium of cell degranulation and synthesis oozes out, exerting biological effects, resulting in the occurrence of an immediate allergic reaction. Therefore, the degree of inhibition of hyaluronidase by the test substance is generally evaluated to alleviate and improve the type I hypersensitivity reaction.

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are able to degrade almost all components of the cell matrix, including collagen, gelatin, viscous proteins, etc. The substrate of matrix metalloproteinase I (MMP-1) is acting on collagen, and the inhibition of MMP-1 activity can reduce the degradation of collagen. In this experiment, the effect of BioTruly’s Goji fermentation serum will inhibit the MMP-1 activity.

3D Skin Model
The physiological mechanism of skin irritation is that chemical molecules penetrate the stratum corneum, which damages keratinocytes and causes cell death, thereby releasing a large number of cytokines and initiating an inflammatory response signal pathway. Inflammatory molecules further act on stromal cells and endothelial cells in dermal cells. The endothelial cells dilate to increase permeability and eventually leads to erythema and edema.

In-Vivo Test

BioTruly is able to achieve scientific research at the international level. It is precisely because we insist on confirming the safety of our products and evaluating performance by in-vitro and in-vivo tests. We use scientific evaluation methods to verify our theory and make more effective, more natural, less irritation, more fashion, and more enjoyable products!