Research - Technical Support

Technical Support

Studies on articles of past and current scientific reports about Natural plants efficacy, safety, and applications.
Extracted by different technologies, analyze, and evaluate these extracts.
Check the Cytotoxicity, Stability, and Compatibility with skin when applied as ingredients or finished products.

Extract using different techniques and analyze and evaluate these extracts

Confirm the toxicology, safety and compatibility of raw materials or finished products applied to the skin

Packaging material use and compatibility test
Usage guidelines

Research areas

We are professional in providing best sailing products Fresh-mix whitening serum set. Double-layer mask. Algae gel mask and eye-patch. Single-use luxury packages. Drug-like single-use packages. Injector-like packages. Natural original fresh plant lotion. Consumers DIY emulsifying lotion. Cleansing/Care/Mask – 3-in-1 skincare set. Auto sealing packaging. …etc.

Research results

Small volume and single-use package is the most effective way to prevent secondary contamination.
The transportation via aseptic pipes will effectively prevent all contamination in the production process, so that no preservatives should be added in the production process.

Filling immediately after bio-fermentation prevents the risk of contamination from waiting time, and it will retain 100% of product's nutrition.
The date of manufacture and expiration make consumers know the best using period of the product.