Related Projects

Made in China and Sale in China

With BioTruly's powerful vertical industry chain integration services and 8 brother factories with unique technologies, we will provide customers with professional and high efficient multi-type skin care products production services. We have dozens of production lines, semi-automatic and automatic equipment will provide flexible production services to meet the customers’ need at different stages.

Made in China and Export to overseas

With BioTruly’s experienced formula research, leading and continuous cutting-edge formulation development, we are able to offer our customers many stylish, effective, safe and stable formula with fast and large-scale manufacturing capabilities. We will cooperate with customers' domestic sales and export plans.

Made in Taiwan

Based on the knowledge of the Taiwan market, BioTruly is not only good at manufacturing products that conform to the local market, but also be able to provide or export finished products to overseas according to customers' individual needs.

Made in France

In order to meet the needs of the world's consumers, BioTruly invested a lot of money to set up a French factory. We will meet the needs of local consumers, and we are also able to match the different brands and positioning of customers to produce products that correspond to different consumer groups.


Original Branding & Manufacturing.
Through the different styles of design and physical samples each year, BioTruly can provide one-stop service for customers who is lack of design, formula development and market research. From theory, basic research, raw material development, formulation development, trend analysis, design services (it would have extra charges based on customized requests), container development, material tracking, assistance filing to actual production and manufacturing services.


Original Design Manufacturer.
Through our own experienced R&D team, BioTruly researches hundreds of innovative structures every year, accumulating a large number of scientific research results with theoretical and clinical data support, marketing highlights and large-scale production. This service can meet the requests of the new brands or some of the existing brands, which is lack of research and development to support their large number of product development.

Service Process

Professional visiting and explanation service

Through preparation and coordination, BioTruly already organized more than 20 large scientific sharing and releasing meeting. We served more than 100 teams for scientific introduction. These service can serve our customers for their education training in factory and improve the customers’ team knowledge level. Finally, we can help our customers grow on the sales records.

Production Process

Quality management system
BioTruly has passed the international certification standard of ISO22716 (EU version GMPC) since many years ago. In addition to the latest regulations, we continue to improve the factory hardware facilities. In terms of personnel operation, we continue to strictly follow the quality management system. Comprehensive testing and recording of process, including testing and verification of safety, stability, compatibility and usability of raw materials, formulations and packaging materials. At the same time, we establish PIF(product information file) for various products in accordance with international standards, such as COA, MSDS, heavy metal testing, microbial quality testing, stability testing, compatibility testing, skin irritation testing, pesticide residues analysis (for BioTruly's own raw materials) .