We will complete the formation of French factory and we will be able to provide more production options to our customers around the world.
The establishment of the Fermentation Experimental Building
We will provide more scientific research reports and show our customers more benefits of the fermentation technology and its functional characteristics.
Our ninth factory, the second factory of Shanghai BioTruly, completed
our (used) production capacity to 60 production lines. So far we have proven that we can produce more than 100 million products for our customers with high efficiency and high quality standards under the high pressure of one year. At the same time, we still have the spare space to provide different types of products for our other customers.
Establishing Shanghai Fresh Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
We promote our research to explore the unknown microbiology research field, and use more scientific methods to verify the efficacy of plants and products. We carry out advanced microbial fermentation research and more different scientific and efficacy evaluation methods. At the same time, we started to renovate our large-scale fermentation plant and started production in 1 year.
Established Shanghai Premium Bio–Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
We started the research on the formulation of medical cosmetic formula, its safety and efficacy, and we introduced a large number of automated processing equipment to enhance our efficiency and quality.
Shanghai Li Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded
We apply advanced scientific research capabilities to integrate many natural raw materials into various unique ingredients. And we started to do research and production experiments on natural, chemical-free formulations. At the same time, we started the construction of the second factory in Shanghai Biotruly.
Professional Mask Supplier: Shanghai Daixiang Cosmetics Formation and Business
We began to conduct more in-depth research on the characteristics of film materials, and provide more and more different materials for our customers to choose.
DaiXiang is able to provide more than 2 billion pieces of high quality film cloth to the market.
Shanghai Lanmeiyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
We started designing many patented packaging and developing various corresponding production technologies. We also successfully developed these containers and their filling and packaging technologies. At the same time, we started to make another type of patented natural polysaccharide mask technology. These technologies have been stable and popular in the market for more than 10 years. According to estimates, these technologies have helped our customers create in the past two years. With a revenue of more than 2 billion yuan, the production volume in a single month exceeds 10 million pieces/piece. Increased to 12 production lines.
Completed the renovation of Shanghai Grand
The research and development in China is our top priority, and we will give priority to this. Forming Chinese research and development talents.
In Shanghai, we bought the first factory and started to renovate Shanghai Gran Cosmetics Co., Ltd.