Research - Formula Development


By checking the appearance, texture, smear, residue, and sensory absorbance of products. We check if the products meet the customers’ basic need.


With advanced microscope, we are able to see the particle size of the product.
So we can confirm whether the internal structure of the product is equal to customer's needs or not.

pH value

Over acidic or alkali can cause negative impact on human skin.
Human skin can be subdivided into these layers from the inside to the outside - dermis, basal, stratum corneum, sebum membrane, and microbiome barrier.

The outermost layer is a protective film composed of commensal bacteria and its secretions. The key function of this protective film is to block the invasion of external harmful bacteria to the human body. The drastic change of pH will cause these commensal bacteria could not secrete enough to create barrier function. If this film is not strong enough, the harmful bacteria will stay and survive on the surface of the skin for a long time and cause inflammation.

The sebum membrane is slightly acidic and pH around 5.5. Therefore, if any product’s function is to weaken this film, even the permeability of active ingredients can be enhanced in the short term, but the barrier will be damaged in the long term. It is also difficult to produce a symbiotic bacteria protective film when this sebum membrane is damaged. If sebum membrane is damaged, it will cause the losing of water-soluble substances in stratum corneum, and the keratin will be unhealthy. The unhealthy keratin can’t absorb the oils to form sebum film, and it will cause difficulties to repair the film and preserve the moisture inside. In addition, external irritants and chemical harmful substances would be easier to invade into inner layer of the skin to cause irritation symptoms.

Surprisingly, according to relevant scientific estimation, only 30% of all allergic patients in dermatology are derived from heredity, and the other 70% all are caused by external factors (ie long-term use of inappropriate skin care products causes long-term harmful to the skin and the skin is difficult to repair itself.) China's conscious skin sensitive people have become to 54%. It means that about 6 of 10 people have sensitive skin. In Japan, a neighboring industrial country, the ratio is over 70%. Long-term damage to the skin directly leads to sensitive skin.

Although a large number of purified substances are theoretically considered to be safe, the conditions to use these purified substances are very strict. For example like Vitamin C is very effective, but it is also too easy to get oxidative degradation. But, it loses its efficacy after being molecule modification. The best pH value of Vitamin C formula should be controlled at 3, but this is over acidic to the human body. The use of such low pH products basically means to skin corrosion, and the damage is much greater than repair.
The skin itself is a very complicated tissue, and it is impossible to improve the skin from inside to outside by applying 2-3 kinds of purified substances.
It is important to choose a combination of nutrients which is at appropriate pH value, good bio-affinity with sebum membrane and stratum corneum. The importance of product’s performance can’t higher than the safety to skin. There are still products in the world that do not harm the skin, but can deliver a lot of nutrients to the bottom of the skin with higher efficiency!

BioTruly’s special bio-fermentation technology will bring 100% pure natural nutrients. We use their mild pH value and good bio-affinity to effectively enhance the skin's water retention, thus effectively improve the skin from moisturizing and reducing evaporation!

Characteristic of innovative formulas

From traditional formulas to special formulas by separately packages
Traditional formulas: For example, Algae-derived polysaccharide facial mask technology, snowflake, bubble, silicon-free, double layer liquid, three-layer liquid, double layer solid, crystal frozen liquid, frozen crystal solid, cleansing powder, cold-dried cleaning cloth with cleaning formula, instant wrinkle-free Eye cream, SLS-free cleaning technology, cleaning salt, microemulsion, special discoloration, 3D emulsification, butter-like, cotton-like, cold frost, liquid foundation, BB/CC/DD cream or similar technology, flower/leave containing in the formula, ultra-fine gold, mud mask, bubble mask ...etc.; If we classified them by structure, it includes O/W, W/O, W/O/W, and even by other substances in different phases with different textures.

For encapsulated products, there are sometimes difficulties in formulation (such as too easy breakage), in usage (such as difficulty for users to break), and even problems that are difficult to deliver into skin depth.
In any case, BioTruly will discuss with our customers and do our best to achieve the balance of art and efficiency that customers expect.

For Nanometer products, BioTruly will discuss with customers about regulations. Because some markets around the world banned of selling this kind of products containing nanoscale ingredients.

For individual packaged products,

BioTruly has fresh-mix VC serum technology, DIY emulsified cream technology, 3 in 1 facial mask technology, and individual formula applicability studies.

Customized formula development

BioTruly assists our customers to make some adjustments to existing formulas, and thus quickly creates high-value and differentiated products for customers. Thus effectively increases turnover and profits for our customers!