Production Facility


We are a high-tech and experienced company integrates our own raw materials, skin care products manufacturing and containers manufacturing. We have advanced bio-fermentation equipment, skin care product formula researching and developing and safety testing equipment, and more than 40 automatic and semi-automatic production lines. To provide professional and high value skin care ODM services.

Large-scale Manufacturing Experience

BioTruly focuses on R&D and large-scale manufacturing of pure natural plant skincare products. We use natural plants, herbs, oils as raw materials, and we apply variety of patented bio-fermentation technologies and supporting fully enclosed filling production lines. It can directly convert botanicals into high-performance and preservative-free skincare products!

Characteristics of our factory

BioTruly has strong flexibility, it can be produced on a large scale or in small batches.
We are experienced in manufacturing, filling, packing and quality inspection. With the help of technology and strong cooperation capabilities, we can support customers to produce high quality products quickly and efficiently.

How does BioTruly achieve true Preservative-free that other brands and manufacturers cannot achieve?
Using our first-class fully enclosed production and more than three years of stability verification to ensure product safety, stability and reliability!

BioTruly bio-fermented serum: Real Preservative-free
The impact of preservative:
The mechanism of preservatives is to destroy cell membranes and affect cell metabolism. This can destroy harmful bacteria, but also cause serious negative impacts on normal skin cells. For example, the short-term or long-term redness, stinging, and inflammation.

The standard of BioTruly pure natural and preservative-free skincare product


We do not use the banned or risk ingredients in medical, food, and cosmetics industry.

Cell Culture Test

By using Natural, Safe, and High-performance plants for bio-fermentation or other natural extraction methods


Patch Test
Heavy Metal Analysis
Microorganism Test
Stability Test
Compatibility Test