Research - Stability Test

Formula Stability Test

BioTruly refers to the standards of international cosmeceuticals and EU cosmetics standards, we carry out a three-month high-temperature accelerated experiment. It is to verify the visible difference between appearance, pH, density, viscosity, number of bacteria, mold and yeast amount in continuous high temperature condition. At the same time, BioTruly also uses the methods such as centrifugation and microscope to verify the microscopic stability of the product.

Compatibility Tests

After obtaining the container with the final artwork or after discussing with the customers, BioTruly will put the expected formulations into the container. It is to confirm the exact volume and sealing method, etc. At the same time, we will also carry out a three-month high-temperature acceleration experiment based on the international cosmeceutical standards and EU cosmetics standards. It is to confirm that the formulations and containers under long-term storage, they are not subject to undesirable problems that consumers are completely unable to use. This verification will also bring strong quality assurance to BioTruly’s customers.